Extensive experience designing houses, apartments, condos and townhouses across Pune and Mumbai. We pride ourselves on the ability to capture our client-partner's personal style by pairing innovation and experience with their individual vision.

Commercial spaces of all sizes including offices, restaurants, cafe's and shops form part of our design portfolio. Specialising in space planning we provide clients with the ability to efficiently utilise all of the space at their disposal whilst also creating a sense of welcoming openness that will attract the most customers.

In house team of project managers that maintain the highest levels of dedication from the start of each project through til the very end. Starting with the initial concept and design stage, progressing through to the completion of carpentry and electrical work, painting, furnishing and accessorising, our managers uphold a constant presence ensuring all projects are executed to the highest standards of quality and timeliness


Need to breathe new life into an old home that's beginning to look tired and outdated? Growing weary of your current space but don't have a new one yet? Our expert team of designers will give your home or commercial space that much-needed makeover. Our one-day consultation service will transform your existing space into a completely new one whilst still utilizing your current belongings. Let us into your homes and we will use our vision and expertise to create the space of your dreams, all in just one day!

The most subtle additions or subtractions can change the personality of any room. Our aim is to provide you with a completely new space at a fraction of the cost of a full design project. We will rearrange your furnishings and accessories to ensure the most efficient use of space, whilst also offering ideas on new colour combinations to revitalise your room.